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Cell Phones

Whitetop to Damascus section of trail does not have cell coverage.

Damascus to Abingdon section has some coverage, but depends largely on the carrier you use.


Helmets are not required by law but are strongly recommended for all bike riders on the trail.


Dogs are allowed on the trail but must be kept on a leash at all times.


Camping is allowed on the Forest Service portions of the trail.

Private Property

Always respect private property and remain on the trail at all times when using private property sections of the Virginia Creeper Trail.

Trail Hours

The trail is open to the public 24 hrs. a day 7 days a week, year round.


Restrooms are maintained by the U.S. forest service on the upper section of trail, and the towns of Damascus and Abingdon on the lower end. The upper section which is more widely used by the public has restrooms every few miles.


There are some trash cans placed at parking areas along the trail, please pack out any trash and help us keep the Virginia Creeper Trail as clean as possible.


It is not uncommon to see deer, turkey, bear, and other smaller forest animals while riding on the creeper.

Never attempt to feed or make contact with any wild animal on the trail, especially bear!

Fishing is allowed on the Whitetop Laurel Creek which runs adjacent to the Virginia Creeper for much of the way down on the upper section of trail. You must obey all fishing regulations and purchase the proper fishing licenses to fish any section of the creek.

Trail Use
The trail is a multi use trail, bicycles, hikers, and horseback riders share the trail, please respect other trail users.

Trail Surface
The entire 34 miles of trail is made up of dirt, gravel, and old railroad cinder, there are bumps, small rocks, and debris from the thick forest canopy on the trail. High pressure or thin profile tires are not recommended.

Please keep your children within sight at all times on the trail, the trail is surrounded by thousands of acres of National Forest. There are also several places where roads intersect with the trail. Obey all stop signs.
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